About Us

What makes us different

We are passionate distributors of supplements which are used in a clinically proven concept for Equine health- and wellness care. This concept was created and fine-tuned over a period of 25 years. By close cooperation and detailed exchange of information between the horse owners, Equine service providers, and veterinarians a revolutionary approach was born. 

Being horse owners ourselves, we came across this concept and applied it while having a variety of issues with our horses. Within a short period of time, all of our horses' chronic issues resolved themselves! After seeing these results, we wanted to help more horses and become part of this mission. We took on the distribution of all formulas used. Our goal was to make access to this approach easier by bringing the supplements which were previously located on different sales platforms all together in one place. We hope you enjoy our store and find what your horse needs. If not, please contact us at info@empireresearch.com or call us at 833-746-3679 

For the Love of Horses,

your team at Empire Research