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Biotin30 Digest

Biotin30 Digest

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BiotinDigest is a superior hoof formula combined with a digestive aid and a built-in absorption booster (full-spectrum enzymes). This is the combination of our Digest Plus plus hoof-growth components. BiotinDigest combines three products in one: Hoof support, digestive enzymes plus pre- and probiotics. 

Observed benefits:

  • Reduced frequency for thrush
  • Reduced risk for hoof abscesses
  • Restored hoof substance in white line disease
  • Faster hoof growth in coronary band dystrophy
  • Faster recovery from seedy toe
  • Healthier hoof and increased heel growth
  • Improved appearance of coat and hair
  • Enhanced digestion and overall wellness 

Biotin30 Digest is pelleted. Can be mixed with feed or fed by itself. Therefore this is also perfect for horses who are on a diet consisting of hay only.

Does NOT contain Copper or Cobalt. 

5 lbs bag = 40 feedings 

20 lb bag = 160 feedings

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