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Magnesium formula to calm the equine mind & support muscle relaxation

Mag Supple

Mag Supple

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Pure, natural, chelated, bio-available and gut-friendly magnesium formula to calm the equine mind and to relax support muscle relaxation.  

Mix supplement powder with moistened feed in the following amounts recommended in the table or as directed by a veterinarian or nutritionist. Split into two feedings if possible to assure the effect lasting the whole day. Adjust amount by monitoring effect of calming and muscle relaxation. A 10-gram scoop is included. 


Bodyweight Miniature Horse, Pony or Horse

250 - 800 lb

800 - 1200 lb

Above 1200 lb

Amount for maintenance, per day

0.5 scoop

1-2 scoops

2-3 scoops

Amount for loading and/or increased need

1.5 scoops

3-4 scoops

4-4.5 scoops

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